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Healthy Hair Studio – new Hairdresser Salon in Clondalkin on Watery Lane

(across the street from Molloy’s).

Healthy Hair Studio was opened on 1st of June 2016, its a Luxury Salon.

Healthy Hair Studio offers a variety of services including cuts, colors, highlights, baleyage, ombre,

sombre, hair extensions, 24 weeks blowdry etc.

Totally Organic Experience.

Healthy Hair Studio is bringing in a new product called KEMON, a 100% Italian company. Coloring by KEMON is an ammonia free, milk and yogurt extract based, which help keep hair young, soft, shine and in good condition. Healthy Hair Studio also offers hot scissors cut and ultrasonic ozone sauna with Kera Fibra to regenerate your hair and keep them healthy.

Achieve the look you want.

Healthy Hair Studio specializes in Thermo Cuts. The purpose of this method is to seal the ends and prevent split ends from occurring. Thermo Cuts method of hot-scissor cutting effectively and actively prevents split ends. Electrically heated scissors used exclusively at Healthy Hair Studio offers a method to avoid split ends and promote healthier, fuller and more manageable hair. Conventional and routine cutting leaves hair susceptible to outside elements, often causing it to become brittle and dry, eventually leading to split ends that are difficult to remedy. The Thermo Cuts method of heated blades seals ends as the hair is cut, locking in natural moisture, oils and essential nutrients. This unique method not only protects against environmental damage, but also increases volume, shine and elasticity.
Offered exclusively in the Dublin area by Healthy Hair Studio. The Thermo Cuts method is your Split Ends Solution.

Your hair never felt so good.

The magical power of ULTRASOUND OZONE SAUNA LIFE BOOSTER – special treatment for damaged hair.
New on the market – available at Healthy Hair Studio – specifically designed to make it even easier and better to repair damaged hair.
With the ultrasonic wave and ozone nutrients are better absorbed, which significantly improves the condition of the hair. Already after the first treatment you will see amazing results. This unique technology helps to heal even the most damaged hair. Using a series of treatments restores gloss, smoothness, deeply nourishes and moisturizes and prevents ensnare.

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